Nalathe Nagaram ( Tomorrow’s City )


‘Nalathe Nagaram’ is a 4 min Short film highlighting Kochi Metro with the theme to welcome it whole heartedly. It is a story about a Young man – Joe and how he overlooks ‘Kochi Metro’. In this Short film, Joe represents the attitude of current younger generation. The Plot of the story is that, Joe was having a negative attitude towards the Metro Rail works initially and later through his experience, he realizes the benefits of Metro rail.

The movie specifically portrays the storyline after the functioning of Kochi Metro Rail. As the story begins, Joe is a person who blames Kochi Metro works for each and everything .He loses lot of his time in Traffic block caused by metro rail works and regularly reaches office very late. Even though his friend talks to him in support of Kochi Metro, he opposes it.

But later once Kochi Metro starts running; he reached home from office very fast and later He was able to take his wife to Hospital on time.

This incident made him realize that his previous attitude about Kochi Metro was wrong. Towards the end of the Short film, it gives the message to the public that everyone should change their negative attitude and accept the Kochi Metro Rail Project for the betterment of tomorrow’s City (Nalathe Nagaram).

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