Be strong !


The so called weaker section of the society “woman” clan has seen struggles in the past decade. Today the situation of womanhood is not the same when we compare to the earlier era. Technology, Lifestyle and Education has improved our lives. Has woman’s life really improved?? We would get a mixed response if this question is imposed to our society. Everyone in the nook and corner of the society is talking about empowerment. I personally feel that woman should feel strong and proud of herself. Woman is given power and treated equally to man but unfortunately many women do not utilize their rights and privileges in a productive way .( P.S: I do not refer to all the women here , few are such cases). Thanks to those noble men who support women to be independent and to empower her.

The reason for writing this note is witnessing many educated women who become a prey to stupid customs and age old superstitions that is seeded in the society. History says women are treated as slaves and were treated as child bearing machines. My take on this is : “HISTORY”=”HIS STORY”. May be a man would have penned down those stories which may or may not be true. The heart breaking scenes are below :


 Educated women working in so called MNC / IT sector do not voice out their views to their own parents while deciding the most important phase of selecting “MR.PERFECT” in their families. I dont brush aside the efforts that our parents has put in to bring up their kids  and the respect we have for our parents and elders. There are still many females who are ignorant of their needs and blindly follow certain rules / regulations put forward by so called ” Relatives” in their family circle.  Another instance where a young lady says ,” I would obey whatever my future husband says”. (With all due respects to her future parter and all men).Its important that a girl should be treated equally  to you. She is neither inferior nor superior to you. “BOTH ARE EQUAL”. It would be really great if they encourage their partners to accomplish their goals rather than making them homemakers. Another shocking instance is , a Young  female MBA graduate who is aspirant to fly high in her career is now a homemaker. I do not demean or devalue the role of homemaker. Being homemaker is not a simple task .  It needs the ability of multi-tasking, passive resistance and treat everyone with love. The saddest part is that she could not reach her goals just because her husband and his family were not interested in her idea to go for work after marriage nor to pursue any courses. One of my friend quoted this  few months back : ” A girl can be innocent but not ignorant”. I totally agree with my friend. Its really pathetic when we witness women not being bold enough to face their problems. I do agree that women has to be careful , feel safe & protected even in this century and cannot be audacious at all times. Real strength and being bold is not walking down the streets alone at midnight in a  jungle or becoming a victim for senseless bets. Real strength of a women lies in her thoughts and attitude. Once in my school days I still remember my biology teacher quoting the below statement : ” A child’s education starts from the womb of the mother”.  So true lines !

Dear future mothers and present young ladies , be strong in your conviction and goals. Get ready to face new challenges to improve ourselves. Let’s not run back with fear , come out of your shell and chase your dreams. It’s time to rock out !