Road Rage


Last evening on my way to visit my mother, I waited patiently to get onto a two-way road which everybody treats like a one-way road. Finally, finding a little place I wedged my car in and tried to move ahead slowly. Suddenly this car came hurtling towards me, honking impatiently. The driver was on the wrong side but kept moving forward, trying to frighten me, yelling very very rudely at me to go back. In fact, when his tactics failed, he got down and started being even more abusive. Now I had three options:

1. Quietly and meekly move back and let the Lord of the Roads pass
2. Get down from the car and yell back at him
3. Stay quiet and stand my ground

I chose the third option, sitting calmly in my car till he finally got back into his car and reversed, getting back into the right lane. As he raced past me, he spat out B***H.

For a moment, I was shocked. As somebody who never swears and is not comfortable when people around me swear, the word – directed at me – made me feel terrible. Then I thought to myself, “Just because the rude boorish man calling me a B***H doesn’t mean I am one. So why should I get upset by his bad behavior?”

What is it with road rage and men? I have not seen women getting down from their cars and fighting – sometimes even slapping – a person because somebody had the nerve to overtake them, or stuck to their lane or refused to be intimidated by the other driver.


In fact, most men, when they see a car going slow or not following traffic rules automatically assume that it is a female driver. As somebody who has been driving now for 35 years, I find this assumption very offensive. I drive far better than many men I know.

My only regret during this incident was not having the presence of mind to take a picture of the unpleasant and rude character so I could have shared it along with this post!